SEO Booster Package

Our SEO Booster package is ideal for businesses who trade locally and require a local ranking for a couple of phrases (ie.. florist in Blackpool). It is also a great opportunity for you to test drive our professional SEO service if you are considering signing up to one of our set monthly packages.

As the package title suggests, our SEO Booster will boost your rankings for two given phrases. By how much all depends on many factors such as the seo strength of your competitors, your industry, the age of your website and many more but it is guaranteed to push you up the ladder for one small one-off payment of only £225 + VAT.

SEO Booster Package

Brief description:

36 Web 2.0 Properties (PR 4 – PR 9) forming a linkwheel with 36 Spun Articles of 200+ Words

Services included within package:

  • Start ranking report - We will provide you with a ranking report of your existing rankings. This way you know exactly where your website was ranked before we started.
  • Keyword research. Before we start gaining links for your seo booster package we will first research your requested phrases to make sure that the phrases you are asking for are the best as we do not want you to pay to boost the rankings of two phrases nobody ever searches for.
  • Homepage SEO. We will take a look at your homepage and conduct on-page SEO to match your selected two phrases.
  • 2 x Phrases (same website). We will boost the rankings for two phrases relating to your website and industry.
  • 36 x Article submissions (guaranteed approval) using 36 spun articles of 200+ words.
  • 36 x Blog posts using 36 spun articles of 200+ words – All unique IP addresses.
  • 1 x Custom basic video (uploaded to YouTube and used across the link wheel and blogposts). This video will consist of screenshot images taken from your website.
  • 1 x Unique image to each of the Web 2.0 sites and blogposts.
  • 100 x RSS / feed submission to 100+ ping list.
  • Full report on all work carried out and links gained.
  • Timescale of two weeks.
  • Completion ranking report. Once we have completed all the work and Google have picked up on all the new content and links, we will provide a provide you with a completion ranking report that will state your old ranking, your new rankings and how many positions you have moved up. If for any reason your rankings have not moved up or have even dropped then we will provide you with a no questions asked refund.

Frequently asked questions:

What are spun articles?
These are pre written articles related to your industry taken from our content library that are put through a system that changes the content of the article so it is no longer picked up by Google as duplicate content.

What are Web 2.0 properties?
The term Web 2.0 is associated with web applications that facilitate participatory information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design,[1] and collaboration on the World Wide Web. For a more in-depth explianation please view the Wikipedia Web 2.0 page.

Do you have an example of the video you create?
Yes, click here.

Do you have an example of one of the live spun articles?
Yes, please view the forklift hire highlands article.

Do you have any proof that your SEO Booster package will actually boost my rankings?
Yes, we never offer a service without full proof that it will do what we state it will do. We are using this website to provide proof as we can confirm that no other SEO has been provided for this website other than our SEO Booster package. How do we know? Because we designed and developed the website then hosted it on a brand new domain.

The client requested we boost the rankings for the two phrases below. Well that was going to be easy considering that they had a brand new website but within just two weeks the results was astonishing. This website went live four months ago and the ranking results are still going strong.

Forklift Hire Highlands - Gained a No.1 ranking out of 1,470,000 results.
Forklift Hire Inverness - Gained a No.5 ranking out of 330,000 results

View the screenshot of below. You can see that our client is listed in the number one spot for 'forklift hire highlands'. The top three listings are all sponsored links which means they have to pay Google each and every time someone clicks on their website which could cost you more in one month than the total lifetime investment of this package.

SEO Booster

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